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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY

Industrial Design

Trend Research / Concept & Product Development / Strategic Design / CMF Definition / Developed Prototypes

UX/UI Design

Usability Testing / Research / Wireframes & Mockups / Visual Design / User guides

Strategic Innovation

Capacity to create tailor-made strategy to drive business growth, generate value for the company and its customers, and create competitive advantage.


DFM definitions, supplier sourcing and product development with extensive experience in the technology industry and a solid knowledge of the latest manufacturing techniques.


Designing Experiences

Our process enables us to deliver disruptive experiences spanning across digital and physical worlds.

User-Centered Design

To create tailor-made solutions building a deep empathy with clients and people that we are designing for.

Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation are the three pillars of our human-centred design process to create experiences with meaning, inspired and informed by multiple disciplines that enhance and boost the result of a complex project.


Our work is inspired and informed by multiple disciplines. We redefine problems outside of normal design boundaries and reach solutions based on new understandings of complex situations.


Let’s start working!

Big Project?

In more than eight years in the world of design, I have connected the most talented professionals who can give backup if your project is big and need more bodies to join.

Geraldine Perez

UX/UI Designer

Laureano D'abbieri

Graphic Designer

Monica Dust

Art Director